BC Neuroimmunology Laboratory Inc. (BCNI) will be putting a pause to all VGCC Ab requests received to date, due to a product recall issued by the manufacturer of VGCC Assay kits. All patient samples received at BCNI will be stored until the manufacturer resolves the issue and is able to supply replacement lots of materials. Please contact our location for any inquiries regarding this matter.
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Welcome to BC Neuroimmunology

BC Neuroimmunology specializes in developing and providing diagnostic tests and high quality laboratory services for physicians, specialists and labs.

We offer a range of highly specialized tests

All tests are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories.  All the samples sent to us are tested and concluded accurately in a time-sensitive manner. Visit the test directory for more information.


A leader in neurological diagnostic testing for over 35 years

BC Neuro-Immunology Laboratory specializes in developing and providing diagnostic tests for patients affected by Neuro-Immunological disorders. Established in 1984, the laboratory operated under the directorship of Dr. Joel Oger for over 30 years. Upon Dr. Oger’s retirement at the end of 2014, he handed the reigns over to Dr. Hans Frykman who currently serves as our Medical Director.

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A dedicated, world class staff

Dr. Frykman and our dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified lab technicians strive to provide quality service in a timely manner for the patients. We believe innovation is key to our growth and our team of researchers are in the perpetual process of working towards developing new diagnostic tests. We take pride in our contributions to the Neuro-Immunological Community.