Specimens should be shipped according to IATA, ICAO and Canadian transportation goods regulation to the address provided below. Serum samples do not need to be frozen, but CSF should be packed with an ample amount of dry ice to prevent thawing in transport. Please courier your samples together with a completely filled out requisition. When applicable, the clinical information should be filled out by the referring physician (whom we will call or write to in case of discrepant results). For further inquiries or information, kindly contact us by email at info@bcneuro.ca or by telephone at 604-822-7175.

For test-specific details regarding sample handling and shipping, please refer to our TEST DIRECTORY.

Ship samples to:

BC Neuroimmunology Laboratory
Room S-157, 2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 2B5
Telephone: 604-822-7175

Laboratory Requisition

BC Neuroimmunology Laboratory Requisition Rev 9.0 – July 2024

BC Neuroimmunology Neurodegenerative Profile Requisition Rev 2.0 – June 2024

*Download the requisition onto a computer and open with Adobe Acrobat/Reader for a writeable PDF.